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Rosco January 11, 2003 11:54

Coupled analysis
Hello, I must realize studies about watercooling for processors using some blocks with a water flow inside them. I realized two volumes with Gambit, one for water and one for copper block but thermal analysis don't work in 3D. In a simple 2D example Fluent creates itself a wall-shadow (coupled interface??)and thermal works with flow, but not in 3D..

What could I do to include thermal with flow calculated (2 steps in computation -> flow and after thermal distribution)? Should I create some specific interfaces, wall or other thing??? What is the good method to see how the block is efficient (die temperature with a heat flux)? In the Fluent documentation there isn't any tuto about thermal coupled in 3D :( ...

Thx a lot for answer :)

PS:If someone could provide me a simple example of a 3D coupled analysis or url to explain that please mail-me :)

David Yang January 13, 2003 05:04

Re: Coupled analysis
One method to solve the problem is to let the wator volume and the copper block have common faces, that is first you creat a copper block(A) in which then you create a block(B) which has the same location and volume of water block inside , you use substract operation to make room for the water block on the copper block(A), and the block(B) will be eliminated is you do not choose "retain", however all the faces will belong to the copper block(A), then you use the stitch face command to make the water block. Thus the copper block and the water block share the same faces, you can set the boundary conditions for other faces now.

when you import the mesh to Fluent, Fluent will create the shadow for you automatically, when you apply wall boundary condition to the shadow, there is a "coupled" selection.


Rosco January 13, 2003 06:27

Re: Coupled analysis
Thank you very much David (I've the same name ;) , I'll try this method !

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