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Ram January 15, 2003 17:05

Particle Tracks
Hi All,

I have modeled a Centrifuge and now I am studying particle retention in the centrifuge using FLUENT. I know that we need to use the Discrete Phase Modeling Panel and we can inject using the "surface" option available in the "Injections" Panel. My question is, how do you interpret the results. For example I performed a surface injection and my results read - No of particles - 100 No Escaped - 20 No Trapped - 80 No Incomplete - 0

But when I look up the Graphics Interface, I see that all of them are escaped or atleast thats how the pic looks and it takes like 40 mins to stop. On the other hand, if I do a single particle track, for the same problem as above, specifying the point of injection and stuff, its showing me that it leaves the centrifuge. I am having problem interpreting what Fluent is predicting. If anyone of you is familiar with this, kindly let me know, if I am missing something here.

Thank You

- Ram

zimor w January 21, 2003 14:14

Re: Particle Tracks
what are particle tracks

FLUENT MANIA January 25, 2003 12:08

Re: Particle Tracks
You can either look the results as the indication of how good the separation performance is or more advance to use as a tool to predict particle distribution that could be collected by centrifuge. From your result, I can guess your separation efficiency is 80% (Provided you inject same particles size on the surface). More pricesely, you can interprete separation if you could know flow rate M (kg/s) of particle escaped ( select summary as the report type, when you do particle tracks display). Then efficiency= (Mass injected-M)/Mass injected.

Hope will help you

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