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steven January 21, 2003 06:05

what is Step AP203?
Hello, can anyone help me? i am using proE to draw and export my drawings to gambit for meshing. but when i tried to import using gambit, it does not work. the display show: Settings-> system->"d-203-is default" ERROR:ACIS error 405:no entities were read.

it also advice to use STEP AP203. what is AP203 and how do i set it?


Volker Pawlik January 22, 2003 11:08

Re: what is Step AP203?
AP203 is a special type or step format which normally can be choosed during the CAD-export in th export filter. GAMBIT prefers AP203 form AP203 and AP214.

But let me tell you, that from all formats I red into GAMBIT the step-format caused the most problems. The most frequent error was the same you observed: no entities were found.

Have a look to the export protocol. Normally it already will report, that no entities were exported.

I dont know whether it is true for step but some geometry export formats do export volumes only!

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