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Helen January 22, 2003 17:04

Gambit and ICEM
Hy everyone,

Does anybody know, if there any advantages of ICEM if compared to Gambit/TGrid? We are looking at which software to use.

Thank you very much for your help.


Marc January 22, 2003 17:22

Re: Gambit and ICEM
Hi Helen !
We used Gambit some years ago, then switched to ICEM/CFD. Do you want to create HEX meshes? You can do that with both tools, but with ICEM you can handle more complex geometries. You will probably need more time learning ICEM CFD, than learning Gambit.
So if you want to mesh many complex geometries, which completely differ from each other, you should use ICEM. If not, use Gambit.

Helen January 22, 2003 17:24

Re: Gambit and ICEM
Thank you very much, Marc!

ff January 23, 2003 07:32

Re: Gambit and ICEM
Hi Marc,

I know that ICEM-cfd is better mesher than probably Gambit is. But problem with icem is gaometry creation. Could you, please, explain what methods you used for geometry generation.

Thanks in advice.

Ajay s. Parihar January 23, 2003 08:04

Re: Gambit and ICEM
All complex geometries are generated using CAD tools like IDEAS, Proe2000 and Catia. Even one can generate such geometries using ICEM DDN tool which is CAD tool of ICEM CFD.

IF you have complex geometries ICEM HEXA would be suitable for you.

ff January 23, 2003 08:51

Re: Gambit and ICEM
What is the best way to use CAD tools you mentioned? Icem interface to CAD tools or importing igeas (or acis) files in icem?

Is icem suitable for automation of grid generetion proces (and also geometry importing)?

Wasn't icem-tetra preferable for complex geometries?

Best regards, ff

hvn January 23, 2003 08:53

Re: Gambit and ICEM
DDN is not an easy tool to use for CAD.If you remember, Geomesh, the former pre-processor of Fluent, used DDN.

hvn January 23, 2003 13:08

Re: Gambit and ICEM
You need to have both Tetra and Hexa module to make a hybrid mesh. You will have a huge mesh if you use only tetraedral cells for complex geometries.

derrek January 23, 2003 20:42

Re: Gambit and ICEM
ICEM offers a package, Tetra/Prism that allows for prism elements along the walls and tets in the mean flow field. Hexa for more complex geometry or when a structured mesh is the preferred.

derrek January 23, 2003 20:45

Re: Gambit and ICEM
If you are not already using a high end CAD system and are looking for strictly geometry creation for FEA, we use AGP from ANSYS. Same GUI as Design Space with an impressive amount of solid modelign capability. Not intended to be a stand alone CAD tool, but does what is necessary for FEA.

ff January 24, 2003 11:50

Re: Gambit and ICEM
Hi guys,

Did anyone try to do some optimization loop coupling icem-cfd and some solver.

If yes, how?


Ajay s. Parihar January 24, 2003 13:58

Re: Gambit and ICEM
The ICEM CFD mesh generation systems supports over 120 solver formats for mesh export, CFD output includes CFX 4/5, Fluent, Phoenics and Star CD, FEA output includes Ansys, Abaqus, LSDYNA and Nastran.

ICEM Tetra can generate hybrid mesh including prism and tetra. You can get unstructured mesh and locally structured using ICEM Hexa.

You export your mesh in format you want depending upon your available solver. you can define boundary condition itself in ICEM and can export desired format mesh for different solvers.

ff January 25, 2003 08:24

Re: Gambit and ICEM
Dear Ajay,

I can see that you are vary familar with ICEM. I already know everything you say in your last post and this is not new for me. This is also cleray visible at the

I want to know if someone try to do optimization loop with icem (as a mesh and/or cad module). If yes, how (script etc.)?

What doase icem people say?


Mehdi ICHO January 26, 2003 10:46

Re: Gambit and ICEM
If you want to learn ICEM-CFD you can find a simple tutorial of how to use DDN TETIN and ICEM mesher. it's in english

ps: you can find also many interesting documents about many CFD codes.

Mehdi ICHO

Pop January 31, 2003 09:41

Re: Gambit and ICEM
Hi Helen,

In terms of advantages, it depends on your application and wheter or not it is a university research or industrial. One more factor is the type of geometry you have.

I have some web linkes that might help you. Let me know what exactly you are looking for and I will forward it to you right away.



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