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Tom January 24, 2003 20:00

UDF for turbomachinery

I'm looking for a sample of UDF or want to know the variables to make UDF for Turbomachinery.

What I want to do is to change RPM of fluid by time dependent.

FLUENT do not have choice to change RPM time dependent or using UDF for sliding mesh.

Please help me!

Regards, January 24, 2003 21:54

Re: UDF for turbomachinery
U can do by a script. What do you want with UDF? Check the UDF manual. Yes you can change the rpm by a script for a time dependent prob.

Tom January 25, 2003 12:21

Re: UDF for turbomachinery
U mean using profile file as script, right? I just want to make UDF for rotational machine from 0 RPM to accerelated certain RPM. January 26, 2003 00:42

Re: UDF for turbomachinery
U se moving wall BC. In the script you can use one RPM for certail time and then you can use a different RPM and you can do this as long as want and as many RPM you wants.

Do you mean you want to use a time variation of the rotating wall? I mean rpm = f ( time)? Yes for this u need UDF.

Otherwise use a simple script and submit the job as a batch.

For example: file rcd tom q def bc wall ... ... ... [make here ur desired rpm]

q q .. [then solve for certain time steps.. .. then q q def bc wall. ..[change ur rpm as u want..]

... ...


Manjunath_CB June 15, 2015 10:25

Imposing Variable Speed in Fluent
I'm working on a centrifugal pump. I want to run transient (using sliding mesh method) simulation in fluent with imposing varying speed of impeller.
Please provide me, if u have, UDF for imposing variable speed on a rotating fluid zone.
Thank you!


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