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Ankan Kumar January 27, 2003 15:23

Problem importing ANSYS mesh, please help

I am trying to read a mesh written in the ANSYS format. What I did is this. I created a very simple mesh in GAMBIT in the ANSYS format(with ANSYS as the solver option in GAMBIT). However, Fluent gives an error when I try to import this .cdb file into Fluent

What could be the problem..? It would be of immense help if someone could refer some material on reading ansys mesh files into Fluent.

Thanks in Advance!!


derreK February 2, 2003 09:38

Re: Problem importing ANSYS mesh, please help

I am not sure that Fluent will be able to read a cdb file? I am not sure why you are writing out the mesh in ANSYS format and then reading it into Fluent? IF you are in Gambit, can't you write out in Fluent format?



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