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Pravir Kumar Rai January 29, 2003 19:24

Particle Tracking
I am using discrete phase modeling to simulate my problem. I have a few questions on particle tracking technique.

(1)I read about stochastic tracking and cloud tracking, but could not understand pretty much the details. Please let me know the difference and when are they used ? (2) I have injected 5000 particles in my model. Now if I do stochastic tracking (number of tries =10) then for a single stream id( say stream id 2 and TRACK SINGLE PARTICLE OPTION:ON ) it gives me 10 sets of curved lines going to different places. What does that mean and why are they different? (3) If I change number of tries = 1 then it gives me 1 line, but if I track the same stream id different number of times, it gives me different lines which I cannot understand. (4)Does the information about whether the particle is trapped, escaped, aborted, evaported, has to be gathered from the FLUENT window panel? (5)Does the value of DPM concentrartion taken at wall represent the same thing as the deposition of particles on the wall in terms of Kg/m^3?



julie January 30, 2003 11:29

Re: Particle Tracking
In answer to question (2), when you set the No of Tries to 10, it means that 10 particle streams are released for each particle ID, each one taking a different path to reflect how turbulence might affect the path of the particle. (random)

Tracking a single particle ID, therefore, will give 10 possible paths for No of Tries = 10.

Hope that's clear! J

Pravir January 30, 2003 20:16

Re: Particle Tracking
Yeah that is clear to me and I was also thinking the same answer but I just wanted to be sure about this. Thanks anyways!!!!

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