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Jack January 31, 2003 17:40

a question about Gambit
I want to use Gambit to creat a v_volume and I have created a few faces, but when I use these faces to creat V-Volume, Gambit just gave me an error: The faces do not define a single closed region. please check faces connectivity at edge edge 25.

what does that mean, I didn't find anything wrong with my edge 25. thanks!


Egorov Maxim (from Russia) February 1, 2003 13:01

Re: a question about Gambit
Our few faces do not define a single closed region. Send me our geometry. I can help you.

Excuse me for my English. Best regards, Egorov Maxim.

Laika February 3, 2003 04:49

Re: a question about Gambit

the most probable reason for this is that you have another edge at the same location as edge.25. Your geometry is 'unconnected' and you must connect the two edges.

kind regards,

Laika, still orbiting

Chris February 4, 2003 11:56

Re: a question about Gambit
I agree with Laika. Go to connect edges, select all the edges, and click apply. GAMBIT will automatically connect any edges that can be connected in this way.


Jack February 5, 2003 22:49

Re: a question about Gambit
thanks for your response. In fact, I am repeating an example "IMPORTING AND CLEANING UP SEDAN GEOMETRY " which is the 3rd example of Gambit(2.0) Tutorial. The only change is I didn't use his orignal sedan file, I only creat a cubic block by 8 verties. and then put this small cubic block into a big cubic block (wind Tunnel). I followed the exactly procedures in the Tutorial. 1 meshed the faces of the small block 2 creat a big block with one face attached to the small block. 3 split one edge of big block by 2 verties. 4 creat 2 V_faces on the symmetry suface 5 creat V_volume (error happens here) " The faces do not define a single closed region.

please check faces connectivity at edge edge 1"

I don't have many edges so it is unlikely that I leave some edge unconnected.

please help me out.


jkl February 6, 2003 07:04

Re: a question about Gambit
What file format are you using to export your geometry from CAD ? As the case you described is quite simle I'd rather avoid Virtual-Clean up and import the geometry without stand-alone entitie, then rebuil the geometry starting from low-level entities( vertexes) to upper level entities (i.e. Volumes), avoiding dealing with virtual geometry. Graphic Connectivity Visualization may hep you to locate critical features of your Gambit model. You can also try to improve the quality of your model directly form the CAD system, or if you're using Gambit 2.0 change the default tollerance when importing the model and take advantage of its new features...... And so on,

Hope this could help,

Break a leg,


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