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Kamran February 4, 2003 06:36

Refering to a message further below, I've also been tying to import a 3D mesh generated in ANSYS, directly into Fluent, using the file/import/ANSYS command, but with no success. Fluent manual is not much of a help here, even though it claims that this can be done!

I've gone through old messages regarding this matter in the forum. It is suggested that one should use the CDWRITE command in ANSYS to create a cdb-file. There are a number of alternatives here. I've tried the "ALL" (both of them!), "GEOM" and "CM" alternatives with the same disappointing result. It seems to be a formt missmatch some where down the line.

Dose anybody know if there are any restrictions when generating the mesh in ANSYS, in terms of node numbering or maybe element type (I used shell63 and solid45, 1:st order elements) or ...? Are there any other "tricks" to consider?

I am using ANSYS 6.0 and Fluent 6, and dont have GAMBIT or TGRID.

Answers are appriciated


Marc February 5, 2003 09:13


Look into the created file(s). It should read somthing like N,1, 0.0001, .... what it the ANSYS prep 7 format (the Ansys command interpreter format.
This is what I would call a *.ans File.
Greetings Marc

Senthilkumar February 6, 2003 06:26

Hi, I don't know much about the ANSYS and in which file format ansys will emport. But i have tried in Hypermesh and imported the mesh in FLUENT. In the same i will give some suggestion, try out.

1) After competing your meshing in ANSYS, you have to specify the Boundary Condition in ansys like WALL, INLET, OUTLET and FLUID or SOLID. If your solving only for fluid problem, then after meshing has done, make sure that your Boundary conditions should be INLET, OUTLET, WALL or FLUID. Don't use any other words which will be neglected by FLUENT while importing the mesh.

2) Next thing is your are using SOLID element for meshing the FLUID domain. So after meshing, select the elements in the fluid domain and named this "collector" (Term used in HYPERMESH) as FLUID.

3) After doing above things, don't export the mesh in ANSYS mesh itself. I have tried in HYPERMESH to export he mesh file in HYPERMESH format itself. But it gives error in FLUENT. So after meshing and setting Boudary conditions, select NASTRAN or PASTRAN as SOLVER and then export the mesh. I think Nastran will be best.

4) THen start FLUENT, using


import your mesh file.

This way i think it will work.

Just try out,


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