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Saryon February 4, 2003 12:44

batch commands
How can it be possible to set the velocity components (m/s) in the boundary conditions with batch command?

For example: I want to set 40 m/s on X-Velocity for a velocity inlet boundary condition applied on a named zone (Define/boundary conditions/..). But I didn't manage to write this with batch commands.

Thank you very much


Erwin February 5, 2003 06:48

Re: batch commands
This sets a velocity inlet bc with x-velocity of 40 m/s, hydraulic diameter of 3 m and turb. intensity of 2%, and temp of 298 K on boundary with name 'inlet':

/define/boundary-conditions/velocity-inlet inlet n y y y n 40 n 0 n 0 n 298 n n n y 2 3

Saryon February 6, 2003 04:34

Re: batch commands
Thank you very much, I believe it will really help us for our program.

Sincerely yours

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