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Dan Boyle February 7, 2003 10:33

2d domain problem

I'm a Mech Eng student doing my 3rd year project. I'm trying to model a system which basically consists of a 2d domain with a ducting system in the middle of the domain and other obstacles in the flow.

The problem i'm having is getting the radiator (located inside the duct, spanning entire width) to be included in the mesh. I mesh the faces using tri-paved scheme but gambit misses the edge which is the radiator. I can only get the radiator to be part of a face (and hence mesh) using the virtual face options, but when i try to subtract another obstacle from the domain gambit says that it cannot operate on non-real geometry (i think it has something to with the radiator being modelled as a single edge).

Any help that could be provided would be most appreciated! Please feel free to point out anything you view as obvious, I think i'm probably missing it anyway!



Erwin February 7, 2003 11:26

Re: 2d domain problem
You have to include the edge into the face before you start meshing (and prcatice using hexes, tri will give you hard times converging).Check the edge color; is it yellow? Then it is not part of your mesh. It should be blue (and even then it could be unconnected).

One way to solve: create another face from existing edges of the duct and the radiator. Then split the duct with this new face. This should give you two faces:the duct before the radiator and the duct after the radiator. Now both can be meshed.

Dan Boyle March 3, 2003 09:49

Re: 2d domain problem

Thanks for your help. The information you provided worked! Turns out when I tried something similar before I'd made a mistake with the way I'd one it! Oh well Its working now so thanks again!

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