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Ravi February 12, 2003 17:07

HELP - How to obtain numerical values
Hi, I have obtained the simulation model(velocity contour) of a 2d flow over rough bed. Is there a way i can obtain all the numerical values at any point ? I don't want to right click at every point since i need the values all along the flume/channel at various depth. Is there a file where all the numerical values of velocity and pressure (throughout the model) are stored? I need this values for analysis...

Christian February 13, 2003 09:06

Re: HELP - How to obtain numerical values
I dont know of any such option other than making a macro that sweeps over the rough bed surface.


varshavian February 16, 2003 05:15

it's this
i can help u. it was my problem but i solve it in a new way. go to File menu select export data choose techplot select favorite variable that u want to have numerical by one export them double click on exported file. choose techplot. it will open with techplot software. now u r in techplot. go to file menu. select writeing data choose binary mode select accuracy of ur data(turn it to 3) OK. write .dat extention at the end of ur file name. go to excel. go to data menu. go to import data. import them. now u have ur data in every point with cordinate of them bye A.H.Varshavian

Erwin February 16, 2003 11:18

Re: HELP - How to obtain numerical values
Yes. Go to the Profiles window and write a profile of the variable you want to analyze. This will create an ASCII file you can read into Excel.

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