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Mark February 13, 2003 14:38

Flow + split volume
Hi all,

I am trying to solve an air flow within a pipe that has restrictions such as orifices. To create a mesh I decomposed the volume using split tool.

My problem is that I can't get the flow to flow through the entire volume. The flow won't go passed the split in the volume.

I have checked that the faces are connected and they seem to be connected. I did this by geometry/face/connect - select all/apply. I then get the warning - operation resulted in no actual connection.

Is this the right way of doing the face connection check?

If this is the right way to check the faces are connected, can anybody suggest another reason as to why the flow stops at the split in the volume?



Erwin February 16, 2003 11:23

Re: Flow + split volume
First connect all the vertices, then connect all the edges. Now your volume will be connected properly.

sev February 17, 2003 05:10

Re: Flow + split volume

I had a simular problem once and it was because I made a mistake in the selection on the faces for my wall boundaries. Also dont forget to select all your volumes as 1 fluid. hope this help

Paul March 18, 2003 11:09

Re: Flow + split volume
Try to define splitting faces as INTERFACE boundaries in Gambit. Then define Grid Inerface in FLUENT. This way U have not do coincident mesh. Luck.

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