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Jin Yan February 14, 2003 04:53

FLUENT results to ANSYS
I want to import the pressure field on the wall, which is calculated by FLUENT, to ANSYS for structural analysis. But FLUENT 6.0 can't export ANSYS file directly. Is there any other way for ANSYS to read the calculation results of FLUENT?

Thank you. Jin Yan

Evan Rosenbaum February 14, 2003 14:17

Re: FLUENT results to ANSYS
One way is to export, from FLUENT, the wall pressure gradient with coordinates for each value. Then, you can write an APDL script in ANSYS to read the values from a file and apply them to the structural model.

compeng April 28, 2011 11:22

Dear Evan,

How can i get these pressure gradient with respect to the coordinates of each value? How can I found these results?


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