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Amir Khanlou February 17, 2003 03:28

Parallel Processing with NT
Hello, I was trying to set up a LAN network for FLUENT parallel processing with Windows XP system but I was not sucessful. I would very appreciate you if you could guide me how to set up the network for that, the error message of the FLUENT is "the network path was not found" while the other features of the LAN network work correctly. Regards Amir

heydari February 17, 2003 07:01

Re: Parallel Processing with NT
do you have the fluent, parallel ver.?

Amir Khanlou February 17, 2003 08:45

Re: Parallel Processing with NT
yes, I do

cjtune February 18, 2003 23:29

Re: Parallel Processing with NT
I think it's more of a network problem than Fluent's. I've seen Windows give me that error message. Try doing a ping test to your other nodes to see if there's really a functional (not just physical) network connection. I'm not sure about XP but W2k has a file called 'hosts' in the /WINNT folder that helps resolves name addresses to IP addresses, eg. = Maybe you need to update that.

Amir Khanlou February 20, 2003 04:38

Re: Parallel Processing with NT
Dear cjtune, Thanks for the help, I tried that. Ping works and I can connect to the other PCs. I even downloaded RSHD software which is recommended by FLUENT for parallel processing and installed on two machines. I also made hosts.txt file for introducing the nodes to my PC but after all, I saw the messsage "network path not found" again while I could run commands on other computers like getting directory of the HDD. still have problem! thanks

cjtune February 21, 2003 12:29

Re: Parallel Processing with NT
Maybe you need to share a folder (set permissions correctly) with a specific name?

Tony March 3, 2003 15:35

Re: Parallel Processing with NT
I have found the FAQ page on the Fluent website extremely helpful. Certain things listed on this page (like the necessity of sharing the FLUENT.INC directory) are not in the installation guide.

Hope this helps,


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