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Pravir Kumar Rai February 19, 2003 15:03

Mass Flow Inlet
I have air passing through an inlet where I am given a mass flow rate of 0.000153 Kg/s (subsonic) and gage pressure of 436 Pa. In the Mass flow Inlet panel we can specify mass flow rate and Supersonic/Initial gage pressure. My question is whether I can specify 436 Pa in the Supersonic/Initial gage pressure panel given the consideration that :

" The static pressure (termed the Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure) must be specified if the inlet flow is supersonic or if you plan to initialize the solution based on the pressure inlet boundary conditions. Solution initialization is discussed in Section 22.13.

The Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure is ignored by FLUENT whenever the flow is subsonic. If you choose to initialize the flow based on the mass flow inlet conditions, the Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure will be used in conjunction with the specified stagnation quantities to compute initial values according to isentropic relations"

I want both mass flow rate to be used and I am initializing my solution on the mass flow inlet. Please tell me if I am right ???

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