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Raintung February 26, 2003 05:03

A simple question!
I don't know how to use "tm3d218.exe"? And when should I use it? Thank you1

Erwin February 26, 2003 13:08

Re: A simple question!
That looks to me the 3D version of tmerge, a utility you use to merge different meshes into one. You don't access it directly, it is called by a program "utility".

Raintung February 26, 2003 20:49

Re: A simple question!
Thank you! But, If I need merge different meshes, What should I do?

Erwin February 27, 2003 11:11

Re: A simple question!
Open up a DOS windows and enter at the command prompt:

utility tmerge -3d -p sourcefilename1.msh sourcefilename2.msh targetfilename.msh

The -p means no other commands need to be executed, if you omit it the program will ask for translation and scaling factors etc.

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