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J.W.Ryu March 3, 2003 21:25

Phase change
Hi, Does anybody have experience to solve sollidiciation problem with turbulent flow? If yes, could you let me have your CAS/DAT file via e-mail? If no, does anybody comment me how phase change problem with turbulent flow can be easily solved?

Thanks, JWR

Murali March 3, 2003 22:51

Re: Phase change
<font face = "courier new">hi JWR - this is msvenkat (Murali) of the FLUENT forum in :) Nice to meet you here. Sorry for this posting..but did you solve the magnetics problem incorporating a flux term ?

Murali </font>

J.W.Ryu March 4, 2003 10:53

Re: Phase change

I could not solved magnet problem yet due to urgent project.... Sorry. Even if it was not finally solved, I'll send my semi-final equations that can use on magnet calculation to your hotmail address sooner or later. I hope this is helpful to your work.



Murali March 4, 2003 18:26

Re: Phase change
<font face = "courier new"> will greatly appreciate that.



J.W.Ryu March 15, 2003 13:56

Re: Phase change
I tried to find out result for magnet field equation. But, I could not find. Probably I do not have it in my computer and CDs. Now I am in out of country for bussiness trip since this Jan. So, I will send you in Apr. when I return back.

I am sorry.


J.W.Ryu March 20, 2003 16:56

Re: Phase change
I found my file today from hidden CD in my bag. It was sent to your hotmail address.

If you success to make good udf, please let me know how did you do...



Murali March 20, 2003 16:58

Re: Phase change

I did not get the file. Can u re-send ?



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