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Ross March 4, 2003 23:27

mass imbalance(urgent)
Hi, My system is 2D axisymmetric geometries,density is constant.In the outlet,I want to check whether mass balance, the following is some report from Fluent:

x-coordinate: 1.77E-20 y-coordinate: 2.90E-04 axial-velocity: -7.29E-03 radial-velocity: -1.23E-03 mass-imbalance: -2.23E-16 daxial-velocity-dx :5.06E+01 dradial-velocity-dx:9.88E+00 daxial-velocity-dy :-6.96E+01 dradial-velocity-dy:-3.24E+01

Anyon can tell me how to calcalate the mass balanceof this point?

Chris March 5, 2003 06:13

Re: mass imbalance(urgent)
To check mass balance, you can go to REPORT, then FLUX and then select mass balance...Choose the surfaces to compare and then click on COMPUTE. You should get the mass balance between both surfaces.

(sorry if that's what you've already done...I don't have access to FLUENT at the moment, and I cannot remember where you get these co-ordinates and velocities)

Hope that helps

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