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alexandre March 6, 2003 10:23

Axisymmetric simulation

I simulate a combustion in an axisymmetric domain. I use the dpm-model (solid combustion) with a mass and an energy source.

For the axisym probem, do I have to use the full particles loading or 1/(2pi), or in other words, does Fluent work with a sort of 1 rad piece of cake (or pi/4, ???) for axisym cases?

I don't find any mention of it in UG.

Thanks in advance.

Rahul March 6, 2003 11:25

Re: Axisymmetric simulation
Hi. If you are using axisymmetric modeling option. You just give full load based on inner and outer radius fluent will calculate required loading, Regards, Rahul

alexandre March 6, 2003 11:32

Re: Axisymmetric simulation

I don't agree with you. If I have let's say 1000 particles in my case, I will certainly put less in axisym.

Fluent will probably extrapolate the load.

The question is with which factor?

Christian March 7, 2003 04:23

Re: Axisymmetric simulation
If the particle load is calculated in the same way as the inlet properties, then Rahul is correct.

How to define inlet properties for axisymm. is described in the Fluent manual.

alexandre March 7, 2003 04:40

Re: Axisymmetric simulation
I agree, but I don't have any inlet. I put n particles in the system (dpm - injection via file) at t=0.

Christian March 7, 2003 05:14

Re: Axisymmetric simulation
My point being that if the definitions are the same, Rahul are correct. Whether your case have an inlet or not is irrelevant. The method is the same.

So I think that if your case in real world have 1000 particles, your axisymm case should have 1000 particles (like inlet definition).

alexandre March 7, 2003 05:31

Re: Axisymmetric simulation
OK, I'll try to go futher to investigate it.

Thanks for your contributions.

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