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John Miller March 8, 2003 19:04

a clear flow chart of LES procedure?
Dear all,

I am recently studying LES. Do you think which entry-level introduction book/thesis/paper is best for a beginner? I read some classic LES review-type books, but those books are too concise to follow. I like to see a clear flow chart clearly discribing the whole procedure. An example code (2D is good enough) will be best.

I learned how to program CFD codes with Finite Volume method, k-e model, SIMPLE algo and used FLUENT for several years.

Thank you very much!


Samir March 12, 2003 10:01

Re: a clear flow chart of LES procedure?
Hi John,

In my opinion, "Turbulent flows" by Stephen B. Pope (Cambridge university press 2001) is an excellent book. there is a whole chapter devoted to LES. For numerical codes you can see "Fluid Flow phenomena" by Paolo Orlandi (Kluwer publisher 2000). many sources code (especially finite difference approach) for LES and DNS are provided.

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