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Volker Pawlik March 10, 2003 06:08

ImageMagic & IBM's AIX51: limited no. of images

this is not a typical CFD-question. But very often we are forced to post-process our results as short animations.

For that kind of reason I am using ImageMagic, which was in earlier times provided by fluent without any support of course.

Now the problem: With my ImageMagic AIX-Version it is not possible to animate more than a specific number of images.

This number is related to the summed size of the meanwhile generated magic****** (e.g. magicECzzMc) files which come to lie in a temp-directory. It is not possible to show more images than a summed size of 128 MByte of those magic**** -files.

Does anyone know a workaround?????

Or s.o. I can ask for?


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