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Allan Walsh March 13, 2003 15:23

Reply to Xiaoliang Wang me.umn
Tried to reply to your e-mail but your system replied with the somewhat rude message that it didn't accept e-mail from spammers. Dude, if you expect a reply, you had better talk to your system administrator.

Anyway, since I had already taken the time to write something up, here it is:


I really don't know much about DPM laws in versions 5 and 6 of Fluent. I am mostly using version 4.5 where subroutines are written in FORTRAN.

I have modified the DPM laws in version 6 to try it out, even though I had not used C++ before. Your code looked similar - with the same include statements and implementations.

As I look at my code, in one subroutine I include the statement:

Material *sp = p->injection->material;

as the first statement after the DEFINE_DPM_ ..... statement.

I don't know if it is required.

Otherwise, I don't think I can help you.


xiaoliang March 13, 2003 18:16

Re: Reply to Xiaoliang Wang me.umn
Thank you anyway, Allan. But adding "Material *sp = p->injection->material;" won't help to get the local pressure and temperature.

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