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Rahul March 18, 2003 10:36

Compiling UDF
Hi all, I am using complie UDF in fluent6.0. When I type nmake to compile UDF, Fluent is unable to open udf.h file. Could anyone give me reason behind it. I feel I have to give some path or some thing.

Thank in advance. Rahul

Alex Munoz March 18, 2003 21:45

Re: Compiling UDF

I have couple of suggestion!

first, check the compilor of your Unix machine has been install.

second, delete your library setup and do it again

third, remember to change the mode of your makefile from read to write.

fourth, copy your code under the src directory

fifth, add the name of the source code in your makefile, and verify you fluent inc path.

sixth, identify the architecture of your machine

seventh, execute your library in this way make "FLUENT_ARCH=aix51" where aix51 could be the architecture of your machine

eighth, if you still have problem, copy a UDF from the Fluent webside and replaced by your code temporarely.

nineth, if you still experiment problem, copy a UDF from fluent and interpreted by fluent instead of compiling.

Best Regards Alex

Steven March 20, 2003 11:36

Re: Compiling UDF
Wow, that's a lot, Alex.

I have another problem with Fluent. Every time when I start Fluent, I cannot let it read a .msh or .grd file directly. I have to read a case file first, and then it will be able to read any compatible files, like .msh file, etc. My feeling is that I may need to make some adjustment in the setup, but I couldn't find those options. Anyone has experience with it? Thanks a lot.


Rahul March 23, 2003 06:12

Re: Compiling UDF
Thanks alex for your help. Sorry for late reply. Regards, Rahul

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