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Sebeci March 19, 2003 08:50

About Data File and Solving PDE by Fluent
Hello every body(Please Help) I have two questions. First:I have created a mesh in a simple domain.I want to assign cells with different property.For example to cell one ro1, cell two ro2,(ro is density)and etc.I have done it by writting data file.After reading it with "Fluent" by first iteration those value changes and it ignores data file. Why? Second:Can we solve a partial diffrential equation only by simulating the coefficients of equation in the fluent without paying any attention to physical manner of equation? Does this method is a normal way? If it isn't obvious please ask by e-mail.



Chetan Kadaki March 20, 2003 04:08

Re: About Data File and Solving PDE by Fluent
For the mesh, you state you want to assign two differentiate between two regions. Does the domain consist of one fluid with 2 different sets of initial conditions, and does the fluid mix throughout? Or are we talking of two different fluids? Or are we talking of fluids seperated by a wall?

For the case where you have one fluid, but want different initial conditions: after initializing the solution, create an adaption register (adapt-->region, then select the area you want to mark), then patch different values in the adapted area (solve-->initialize-->patch, select register and variable and enter the value, repeat for each value).

In the other case, in Gambit, you need to define the different areas as seperate faces/volumes, and then when defining boundary conditions, create two seperate fluids.

I don't know if I've answered your question, or if I have helped. Please provide me with more details and specify what it is your trying to do exactly.

Sebeci March 25, 2003 00:48

Re: About Data File and Solving PDE by Fluent
Dear Chetan Thanks for your reply but the domain consist of one fluid with 1 initial condition for every cell that is differ from another cell.Exactly I want to assign different property for cells. For example porosity of cell be differ from the cell neighborhood. I AM LOOKING FOR YOU REPLY


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