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ravi March 27, 2003 11:56

How to improve y-velocity
Hi everyone, I have simulated a 2d open channel flow with good results but the Y-component of the velocity seems to be different, are there any ways to improve this?? using k-epsilon RNG turbulence model.

I need help very urgently. thanks

Alex Munoz March 27, 2003 14:02

Re: How to improve y-velocity
Hi Ravi

I don't know why do yo want to compare y-velocity between models? This is not a good criteria to compare models.

I suggest that you compare velocity/max velocity, axial and tangetial Reynolds normal stress and turbulent kinetic models.

I good reference for you to learn how to analysis CFD could be: Martinuzzi R., & Pollard, A. (1989) Comparative Study of Turbulence models in Predicting Turbulent Pipe flow. AIAA Journal vol 27 no1 29-36.

In addition K-e and RNG models generally can not predict accurate y-z-velocities. If you want to optain better result try RSM!

I wonder if you are imposing k and e inlet profiles besides to the x-velocity


Alex Munoz

ravi March 28, 2003 09:01

Re: How to improve y-velocity
Dear Alex, Firstly where can i find axial and tangetial Reynolds normal stress in Fluent? Can i plot a contour? Is it available in 2d? Secondly Unfortunetly my uni library does not have the AIAA Journal vol 27, they only have vol 28-39, is there anywhere i can get a hold of this journal? online journal would be great but i was unable to locate any on the net. Thanking you in advance for your help


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