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majestywzh March 29, 2003 23:13

grid related solid-fluid flow
1:what are the requirements for the grid when the fluid-solid flow is simulated?if i attach boundary layer near the wall, it is possible the the grid size is smaller than the solid particle size, isn't a bit confused? 2:is that possible for a solid-water flow that the pressre loss is smaller than that in a single water? the solid size 300um,20% volume fraction. use the Mixture model

ap March 30, 2003 10:31

Re: grid related solid-fluid flow
Grid requirements are the same of a single fluid model. If you use a turbulence model with wall-functions you must have y+ between 30 and 60, while if you use the enhanced wall treatment, you should have y+ close to 1.

I don't think it's physically meaningful to have a grid size smaller than particle diameter.

Why don't you use Eulerian model (just curious)?

Hi. Good work.

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