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majestywzh March 31, 2003 22:48

a DPM problem
hello,first thanks for you looking into this post. have you ever tried DPM ,what is the "number for tries" when you are use the Discrete Random Walk to account for the influence of dispersion on the particle track. it meams that every try will lead to a stochastic track? gernerally what is the value should set to be? Regards.

Alex Munoz March 31, 2003 23:41

Re: a DPM problem

You are right! every try is one potential stochastic path. about the optimum it is another topic

The optimum does not depend of the number of tries, it depend of the total number of particles that you follow. of couse if you have 1000 injection points and you demand 3 trial for point, it is the same as injecting 3000 particles. Therefore, the number of particles must be equal to the number, where your response variable stabilize in statistical terms.

Best Regards

Alex Munoz

Alex Munoz March 31, 2003 23:46

Re: a DPM problem
Hi Majestic friend

I having following your question in this forum, looks like you decide to solve your solid -liquid problem using the DPM model intead of the mixture problem.

I really suggest that you read a lot and I write a lot above the DPM and the RWM before you run simmulation.

You will find that this model hide many issues that you should be aware of, before running a simmulation.

Best Regards

Alex Munoz

majestywzh April 1, 2003 09:41

Re: a DPM problem
thanks for your advice. one more confused point,why i can't see the gavitational and buoyancy influences on the paricle track?( the track is just a level line and i do not take the turbulent dispersion account in order to observe the body force influences on the trail).

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