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LI Y April 6, 2003 07:46

Gambit question

I am modelling a cyclinder heat sorce in a rectangular room. But I can form grid in the region of heat souce. Since I can form a whole volume about these two volumes by using gambit. It would be great anyone of you who is reading this can answer my question.

Thanks, Li Y

Alex Munoz April 6, 2003 15:49

Re: Gambit question
Hi Li

Could you please rewrite your question it is very unclear your problem!



Ahmed April 6, 2003 16:59

Re: Gambit question
Li, As far as I understood that you face problem in solid ( heat source) and fluid ( air in room )meshing.. First of All, both volumes should exist..Check volume unite command options you used. From gambit you have to define the continium succefully. good luck Ahmed

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