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Dinesh April 8, 2003 03:37

Hello friends I have to create a geometry which consists of a helix wrapped over a cylinder...can anyone please help me how to create the geometry using GAMBIT...this is very important for me ......... with regards dinesh

Alex Munoz April 8, 2003 10:54

Re: helix!!!!???

Gambit offer a function where you can sweep a edge along a another edge with curvilinear shape!



winnie April 8, 2003 22:29

Re: helix!!!!???
my friends,

i have managed to create a helix pipe using Gambit. the method i use is:

firstly, create a helix thread;

secondly, create a cross section whose type is triangle or circular or any other types you will choose. it should be perpencicular to the helix thread, i think perpendicularity is important because we can find that in the helix pipe, the cross section is perpendicular to the helis thread. this step can be realized by creating another system coordinate.

finally, choose the "sweep real faces"úČ(type:perpendicular, option:twist) in volume of gambit. in this step, you should compute the angle of your helix pipe. you can find something helpful to you in gambit help.


Dinesh April 9, 2003 02:03

Re: helix!!!!???
Hi Lucky!! Thanks for the reply!!! I have managed to create a helix using GAMBIT bu now i am facing a problem in meshing...My geometry is a helix wound over a cylinder ...after i have created the geometry it is not able to mesh it..Can u help me in this,have u done anything similar overlapping 3d gmodel.. with regards dinesh

winnie April 9, 2003 08:51

Re: helix!!!!???
you mean that the helix is united with the cylinder, like a screw?? what i have done is only meshing a helix pipe. i am sorry i can't help you!


Dinesh April 9, 2003 22:58

Re: helix!!!!???
Thanks winnie It will be very helpful if anyone can guide me abt how to go abt meshing my geometry....I mean a helix wrapped over a cylinder...something like a screw.... it is very important for me to do this.even anything similar to this will be very useful in my endeavours. with regards dinesh

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