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Andy April 8, 2003 18:18

Particle Tracks
Hi All,

I am working on Discrete Phase Modeling and hence with particle tracks. My geometry has an inlet and outlet. And there are several options in FLuent for injecting particles. I am using "Single Particle Track". But I am not sure how to select my injection point-meaning the x,y,z coordinates. Looks like I can give several points. But I am not sure which is the correct one. Please let me know, if any one of you have an idea abt this.

Thank you,

- Andy

majestywzh April 8, 2003 21:28

Re: Particle Tracks
if you use 'single Particle Track',you can only be able to choose one point as your paricle's initial position where your injected paricle is put and then released.

if you want track several streams of particles,you employ the group or surface or file as your injection type,therefor you can specify the complex parameters. regards. majestywzh

Alex Munoz April 8, 2003 22:39

Re: Particle Tracks
Hi my friend

Majestywzh did not approach your real problem because you didn't ask the appropiate questions!!.

The question are how may particles for my lagrangian simulation? and which patern should you use to allocate your particles?

The first answer depend of response varible, if you want to obtain a residence time distribution(RTD), the number of particles should be increased until the change in statistical momentum do not change

The second answer depends of the effect of injection pattern over the variable that you are measure, if you want to obtain a RTD you must to distribute equal amount of particle per flow rate.

Therefore, think what should be the best distribution so that you get a stable variable response!!!


Alex Munoz

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