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Mark April 9, 2003 07:46

fast burning fuels

What's the definition of a fast burning fuel?

How do you determine if a fuel, i.e. natural gas, is a fast burning fuel, so that the generalised finite model can be used?



Yazid April 10, 2003 07:00

Re: fast burning fuels
A fast burning fuel means that combustion reaction kinetic is much faster than mixing between fuel and air. This concept applies to non-premixed combustion. For premixed combustion, kinetic is a determining factor.

Gaseous Fuels are considered as fast burning fuels. You can use mixture fraction model, f, for combustion with PDF function.

If kinetic is the determining factor, you need to supply the reaction rate expression to the source term for species transport equation.

Hopely, this can help you.

yazid bindar

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