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Huawei April 13, 2003 12:25

Help Needed: Gambit Problem (2-D)
Hi, My Friends:

I have a problem to plot my calculation domain(2-D). One part of its form is the function of y=tanh(x). Could I find this function in Gambit, and directly use it to plot the form of domain?

(By the way, at present, I used a not good method to plot that part domain(y=tanh(x)). I input many points of this function into Gambit, then connected these points and smooth the curve to build the domain).

If you could take the time and trouble to give me some advice, I would much appreciate it.

Alex Munoz April 13, 2003 15:06

Re: Help Needed: Gambit Problem (2-D)
Hi Collin

I guess what you should do is to generate your geometry on Autocad and then export it to gambit.

Warning: perhap you will find some edges are not connected therefore you must to fix your geometry before meshing.

Check on this web side how to import files from autocad to gambit

I don't think you will find a person in this discussion forum that will be able to address that problem. Therefore, I suggest that you contact Fluent user support, perhaps they can give you a better solution


Alex Munoz

Huawei April 13, 2003 18:16

Re: Help Needed: Gambit Problem (2-D)
Thank you very much, Alex!

Alex Munoz April 13, 2003 20:45

Re: Help Needed: Gambit Problem (2-D)

I forgot to tell you that you can write temperature profile in a surface

Best regards

Alex Munoz

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