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Mario April 15, 2003 09:00

Simple Meshing Problem with Gambit
I have a simple problem but I yet don't know how to solve it:

Imagine a rectangular face with high aspect ratio 6-10: on one of the longer edges of the face there is a vertex splitting it into two edges. The former is meshed with succesive ratio 10, the latter succesive ratio 5. The problem is: When I try to mesh the face using Quad Map Scheme the resulting face mesh is distorted because Gambit doesn't project the nodes orthogonally !! Is there something in the default parameters I should change ?? May size function be useful for my problem ??

Any suggestion are welcome,

Sincerely your,


Alex Munoz April 15, 2003 11:15

Re: Simple Meshing Problem with Gambit

Easy! mesh both edges it way you will get your ortogonality!



Hendawi Mohamed April 16, 2003 11:08

Re: Simple Meshing Problem with Gambit

Yes U can do so after splitting the other edge in the same way as the the first

U can also link the 2 edges meshs , so the mesh will be projected from one to other

regards Mohamed

Mario April 17, 2003 06:05

Re: Simple Meshing Problem with Gambit
Dear Friends, Thanks for your kind reply....

Mohamed you have understand my problem and your answer is very pertinent, though I can't split because It would imprint the whole geometry, what I need to do is to project orthogonally the meshes on two edges on the opposite one, like I show in the following sketch:

+---------------------------------+ Edge 1


Edge.2 Edge.3

The edge 2 is meshed uniform, the edge 2 is meshed "last length" I desire to project orthogonally the mesh of edge 2 and edge 3 on edge 1.

looking forward for your response,


Hendawi Mohamed April 18, 2003 09:52

Re: Simple Meshing Problem with Gambit
Hi Mrio

Sorry for the late. I don't know how to do otherwise! But If the split will imprint the whole geometry, try to disconnect the volume containing edge, edge2 & edge3 from the rest of the geometry.

So you can split you edge and modify your volume without influencing the whole geometry.

Then, when finich, you have to reconnect your volume (containing the three edges or 4 edges in the new sheme after splitting) to the rest of geom.

Good luck Mohamed

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