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Senthil April 19, 2003 05:17

Problem in identifying Negative volumes in Fluent
Hi, I have done meshing in Gambit and performed "Volume Mesh Check" in gambit itself. While doing volume mesh ckeck in gambit, i found inverted elements for some volumes. I adjust the number of nodes and thereby the inverted elements are eliminated. But skewness for those volumes are 1 for some elements. This (skewness) is not possible to avoid because of complex geomtry. When i import this mesh to Fluent and did Grid Check i found "Grid Check Failed" due to negative volume.

I have a question how fluent identify negative volume even though "Volume Mesh check in Gambit" does not show any inverted elements?

Is there any way to identify Negative volumes or elements either in Fluent or in Gambit?

Thanks, Senthil.

Vidyasagar April 19, 2003 10:16

Re: Problem in identifying Negative volumes in Flu
Hi Senthil,

You can identify the negative volumes in fluent. Goto Adapt->Iso-value. There you select the option GRID and the sub menu of CELL VOLUME and compute it. You will be know the negative volume value.

In the iso-min, put -1000 and iso-max of 0 and MARK it and you can display the cells and locate it.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks, vidyasagar

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