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ap April 21, 2003 19:42

I'm trying to use UDS to implement the complete granular temperature equation balance in FLUENT 6.0 (eqn. number 20.4.56 in FLUENT user's guide), but I've some problem (it's my first UDS).

1) I need to know the drag coefficient of the solid phase, but I can't find a macro in the user manual. In sg_mphase.h I found:

C_DRAG_COEFF_IJ (cell,thread,i,j)

but I don't know what i and j are.

2) I use C_VOF(c,pt[n]) to obtain volume fraction of the solid granular phase (secondary phase), but I'm not sure about the right syntax. I'll explain better: pt is defined as

Thread **pt

but if I use this macro in a

DEFINE_SOURCE (name,c,t,dS,eqn)

what is pt? An example would be really useful :)

3) Trying to compile a partial version of the UDS in FLUENT as an interpreted UDF and setting the UDS, all source terms appear in the fluid-mixture boundary condition panel even if they refer to the secondary phase. Is this normal?

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