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yeo April 23, 2003 05:50

Train Speed
Hi all. I need to model a train entering a tunnel with varies speed that is from low speed to high speed. But i am not sure what speed constitute a high speed train. What is the limit/range for high speed train. I am currently starting the model with a speed of 22m/s.Thanks for advice.

marc April 23, 2003 07:36

Re: Train Speed
The german ICE or the france TGV travel with up to 300 km/h, which is 83.3 m/s.

HVN April 23, 2003 08:15

Re: Train Speed
Hello, When a train goes in a tunnel, there are some pressure fluctuations. If the pressure increase is too high, there will be some consequences on passenger confort. So your maximum speed is a function of the tunnel geometry, the train, .... You could find a presentation made by the SNCF (French National Railway Company) during the Star-CD french user conference 2000 at

yeo April 26, 2003 05:49

Re: Train Speed
Hi thanks marc, that is to say once the speed is at 83.3 m/s, it is considered high speed train? Pls enlightened me.

yeo April 26, 2003 05:50

Re: Train Speed
Thanks for help, HVN.

sheikh nasir February 14, 2012 09:38

train moving in tunnel help
i am working on train moving in tunnel. i am getting floating error:invalid number. can any one help me. my email is
plz help me

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