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zt_zt May 1, 2003 23:28

About the wall temperature
Hi, I have a trouble about the wall temperature. When I simulate a mixture combustion process, I set the wall temperature with constant in boundary condition. But the results told me the wall temperature is higher than what I set. I use DO radiation model, pdf combustion model, etc. Could you tell me the reason why the furnace and the wall temperature are so high? best regards zt

Mashihu May 11, 2003 21:23

Re: About the wall temperature
I am very sorry I can't anwser your question,but I want to know why I can't make combustion ,the max. temperature is still 300k (the temperature in the in-let) in the whole field when I used a pdf combustion model.what the look-up table means?

zt_zt May 12, 2003 02:26

Re: About the wall temperature
Hi, Thank you to ask me this question. When I set the initial temperature field, I set the temperature is larger than 1100K. That means the fuel will be ignited. Best wishes

Mashihu May 12, 2003 08:09

Re: About the wall temperature
Thanks a lot for your answer.I initialize the temperature as 2000k in all zones,but still failed. I will simulate the non-premixed combustion.Espect one fuel inlet and one oxidizer inlet,there are two inlets for the secondary stream (both for N2 at the first step),in the next step, one still is N2,but the other will be N2 and TiCl4. In the fluent 6.0 User's guide,the both must be the same? I don't know whether I can go on my work with the pdf model.

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