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winnie May 5, 2003 22:15

DPM convergence. HELP!

I am trying to simulate laminar bubbly flow in vertical pipes using DPM provided in Fluent.I have defined my own body forces and drag force using UDF and the two-way coupling is considered. After I got the converged continuous phase flow field, I add the bubble injections with body and drag forces. The computation haven't been converged after about 30,000 iterations and the iteration process seems run into a circulation.

Hope anyone who has experience in DPM calculation can give me some suggestions!!

Thank you!!!



Alex Munoz May 5, 2003 23:18

Re: DPM convergence. HELP!

Search for a case posted here under the name Coupled DPM

By the way, do not forget to say thank you this time to the people who has help you!


Alex Munoz

winnie May 6, 2003 09:33

Re: DPM convergence. HELP!
Hi, Alex Munoz

Thank you for your help.

I am sorry for my negligence! And thank you again for your reminding me!



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