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Farshid May 6, 2003 00:24

Mixing of miscible liquids

I need to simulate the mixing of water and alcohol. Based on my understanding, these two liquids are completely miscible. My question is that whether I can perform simulations for this type of mixing using Fluent 6.0. If so, I was wondering if someone would show me briefly which model I should follow and how.

Thanks in advance.


mateus May 6, 2003 06:57

Re: Mixing of miscible liquids

I think this is a typical aplication of mixture multiphase modeling Fluent (if nessesery you could also use Euler model). You should read the documentation and tutorial guide for this model and then decide how to tackle your problem...



Shiping Liu May 8, 2003 16:22

Re: Mixing of miscible liquids
I think you should use "chemical species" solver to simulate the mass diffusion.

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