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calogero May 6, 2003 10:56

automatic case file loading in fluent
Hi everybody! I'm trying to set up a case in wich the solver fluent will automatically load mesh/case files (for the same problem, which is a foil at different angular positions). untill now I didn't find how to do so in the documentation! I'm wondering if am asking the right questions: 1- Do the files will be loaded in ".mesh" or ".cas" format? 2-the next file will be loaded after last case one has converged? 3- Do I have to specify the whole model parameters(BC+material...etc) for each file loaded? 4-do the result will be stored in a single data file? thanx

yong May 6, 2003 11:26

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent
Hi,I do not understand why you should do like this. You can save each case and data file seperately.

HVN May 6, 2003 11:33

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent
Try to use a journal file using text command like rc toto.msh or rc toto.cas ....

Alex Munoz May 6, 2003 13:50

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent

you can read automatically both case and data file like this

rc toto.cas rd toto.dat

. .. . . .. Regards Alex Munoz

calogero May 11, 2003 12:46

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent
thanx for your help everybody! to answer young: I need the final calculation result data to be stored in a single file for post processing purpose! ...but I think am wrong asking this question cuz what am gonna really do is to load at each time-step the "previous time-step resulting data-file" (especially I need the velocity input profile) in order to process the present timestep case-file with that profile! this will finally look like this: 1-rc "case1" *read file: case1 2- command? velocity_onput_profile from "data1" * I don't know the command!!to load this velocity inlet profile, or should i only load a bc (boundary condition) file?!! thanx for any advice

Alex Munoz May 11, 2003 15:21

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent

First at all, your writting is very confusing for me. I suggest that the next time write more carefully your case problem.

Second what you want to do seems to me so simply!

Just write the velocity profile at the surface that you wish in this way

file>write-profile> filename>myvelocity surface>outlet profile variable 1>x-velocity profile variable 2>y-velocity profile variable 3>z-velocity profile variable 4>q then Fluent will write the file ---my velocity-- Then you can read this file as follow

file>read-profile boundary profile filename>myvelocity

then fluent read the file

then set the boundary conditions to be able to read the profile variables for x-y-z velocity


Alex Munoz

calogero May 14, 2003 10:47

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent
thanx for your anwer Alex! you're right am totally wrong!!! am just complicating things! well, this is the case I want to solve: it is a 2D foil rotating about an axis (with only Z component) 1.2 m far from the foil 1/3 chord-length point. and also rotating about this latest point. I first tried to set it up with doesn't work! i've got the mesh too much deforming. right now am trying to set up the case as follows: -1-generate 36 meshes for every 10° angle of rotation of the foil around the axis. -2-make the calculation for the whole 36 meshes with automatic mesh files loading. STILL I have few questions: -1-do i have to perform steady calculation for each single case? or unsteady calculation is performed for the whole 36 cases with loading new mesh file at each time step? with timestep=(10°angle/rotation_speed)?. -2-do i have to specify boundary conditions (especially inlet velocity) for each single case? knowing that in reality of experiment this inlet velocity doesn't change. -3- if one case didn't converge,what would happen? thenks for your help and patience :)

Alex Munoz May 14, 2003 13:09

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent

I am sorry, I could no help you more, because I am not familiar with this type or cases (rotation). Therefore, I prefer another person gives his(her) suggestion.

I wish you Goog Luck. I suggest that you post a new note about this case.


Alex Munoz

calogero May 15, 2003 02:48

Re: automatic case file loading in fluent
thank you anyway Alex! I think I'll manage to do it with what I've got!

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