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Riham May 7, 2003 12:14

Need UDF examples !
Hi everybody,

I need some examples using UDF as mass or heat source term. I am beginner.

Thank you very much in advance

mateus May 7, 2003 12:47

Re: Need UDF examples !

I think you can find an example in Fluent Udf documentation (4.3.15). The udf for mass or heat source is preety much the same as the one for momentum source (example in documentation) you just have to hook it at mass source box...

Best regards MATEUS

Alex Munoz May 7, 2003 18:39

Re: Need UDF examples !

Read this


Alex Munoz

WU Peng May 9, 2003 21:52

Please give concrete explanation on UDF
I built up a 3D model and divided the model into regular hexahedrons.I mean every cell of the model is a regular hexahedron. Now I want to know the height of a cell, which command should I use? Thanks.

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