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neu May 11, 2003 23:32

velocity more than INLET velocity
Have a simple geometry of a 1cm diameter pipe. After 3 cm (from left to right)length of pipe the diameter increases to 1.2cm expanding downward. Upper wall of the pipe remains same. Have now an expansion of length 7cm giving total of 10 cm. at left side of this geometry a velocity inlet is conditioned and at right side an outflow. Velocity is given 0.0015 m/s at left side velocity inlet. Displaying contours and computing min max veolity is giving maximum velocity 0.0019 m/s which is greater than 0.0015 m/s. Is the expansion causing the velocity to increase? Or any thing wrong?

Shiping Liu May 12, 2003 17:02

Re: velocity more than INLET velocity
The maximum velocity must be greater than 0.0015m/s if you set a uniform veolity at inlet, because the velocity becomes non-uniform inside the pipe. Is it turbulent flow?

McGregor May 13, 2003 04:34

Re: velocity more than INLET velocity
Once the flow is fully develloped you have a velocity profile. The velocity you entered is an average. Parabolic profile as below.

_________________________________ - v=0 -- --- ----v max --- -- -________________________________


mcgregor May 13, 2003 04:56

Re: velocity more than INLET velocity
_____________________ - v=0 --- ---- ----- v max ---- --- - _____________________

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