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Alex Munoz May 12, 2003 20:36

Unsteady DPM

I have to run DPM model under unsteady state conditions. I need to determine the number of time steps that I should request. Currently, I set a time step size of 0.01s with 25 iterations per time steps, and I get very good convergence of the continuous flow field.

Preliminary estimations lead to 250 time steps (path length 5m, particle velocity 2.0m/s, thereby a particle would cross the domain in 2.5s). Unfortunately, this number of iterations demands more than 33 hours. and I need to run more than eight times the DPM model.

As a result, I wonder if my estimations are right, and if could be another way to run particle tacking without requesting iterations of the continuous phase.

Thank you in advance

Alex Munoz

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