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James May 13, 2003 16:38

Gambit 2.0 - Error Message (ACIS ERROR 1200)
Hi there, I'm trying to model a complex hydrofoil geometry which consists of a lattice-work of intersecting hydrofoil sections. I'm using Gambit 2.0 to produce the geometry. My problem occurs when I try to produce a nice smooth junction between two intersecting hydrofoil sections. I keep getting this error message:

ACIS ERROR 1200 coincident face_face_ints with different body vertices

I'm a new user to Gambit. I'm sure this is a simple problem to get over but can't work it out for the life of me. I would be grateful if someone could put me on the right track as this problem is holding up my research. I'm sure an experienced user would look at my geometry file and see the problem straight away. I am able to email the small zipped up data file (46kb) which contains my problem.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Regards James

Mcgregor May 14, 2003 08:13

Re: Gambit 2.0 - Error Message (ACIS ERROR 1200)
Hi James,

Coincident faces means that you have 2 faces occupling the same physical space.

If you have 2 intersecting hydrofoils then you need to ensure that there is only one face where they meet (or one edge for 2D)

If you are working in 2D, then there must only be one edge where the two faces meet. If you have already generated your geometry then try the connect function. You will have to connect vertices before edges and edges before faces otherwise lower topology isnt satisfied.

Hope this helps


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