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Jim Clancy May 23, 2003 07:30

Rotational Periodic BC!!
Hi all,

I have a geometry with more than one periodic pair. when I expoert the mesh to Fluent I found each pair has different rotational angle ( some negative others positive with same magnitude)..Any idea..


Jim Clancy May 27, 2003 05:02

Re: Rotational Periodic BC!!
Any answer? May 27, 2003 06:48

Re: Rotational Periodic BC!!
well, could you please explain a little bit more. With a diagram in a doc file and pls send it to me.

I worked with periodic BC for long time. I have never had this kind of problem.

In PBC we consider, the flow will repeat after certain angle we set. The faces are to be of same where the repeatational takes place.

Now whats yor prob please ? You have two pair of PBC? and you can't make it work?

Jim Clancy June 2, 2003 07:51

Re: Rotational Periodic BC!!
The case is simply a multi passages swirler. The passages are inclined 45 degrees to swril the flow. 45 degrees segment will be enough to slove rather than full swirler. I had 4 faces to be considered as PBC on both sides of the 45 deg sector. I hope it is clear now. Thanx Jim

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