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zahid May 27, 2003 08:17

How to capture Karman vortex streets
Hi everyone I want to simulate flow around cylinder and want to capture Karman vortex streets. Is it possible using Fluent-6. If possible What should be time step size and how many time steps. How fine grid should be and what is appropriate turbulence model.

Alex Munoz May 28, 2003 01:52

Re: How to capture Karman vortex streets

Search for unsteady validation on fluent wed side under the title

"unstedy laminar flow behind a circular cylinder"

In addition there is a lot of CFD done by Rody, yes, the famous german Wolfrang Rody, who has contributed to develop most of the turbulence models.

Moreover, I suggest that you read the work of Koobus Bruno, Farhat Charbel, Tran Hai "Computation of unsteady viscous flows around moving bodies using the k-e model on unstructured dynamic grids"

Have fun!:) BTW, where are you in the middle east? Alex Munoz

zahid May 29, 2003 20:48

Re: How to capture Karman vortex streets
Hi Alex Munoz Thank you. I have searched the references you mentioned and found very useful informations.

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