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uma May 27, 2003 14:46

meshing pipes
Hello Everyone, I am a beginner in CFD. I have a few questions,I need to model a long tube (200 mm lenth and 2 mm dia) and then another tube(2.5 mm in length and 0.7 mm dia). These two pipes intersect. I need to mesh this geometry in Gambit.I am not able to do the pipe- pipe intersection. Please let me know what I have to do. This will be a huge help for me.Thankyou so much for taking your time! Best Regards Uma

Colin May 27, 2003 22:01

Re: meshing pipes
Hi, there. I think you could get some inspirations for your case if you read the Gambit Tutorial Guide: MODELING A THREE-PIPE INTERSECTION (3-D).

Good luck

Alex Munoz May 28, 2003 01:56

Re: meshing pipes

read this paper

"turbulent flow in a 90 pipe junction part 1 and part2" Sierra Espinosa F.Z. Bates CJ, O'Doherty TO. Computer & fluids.

Best regards

Alex Munoz BTW, where are you in china?

solomon May 28, 2003 04:13

Re: meshing pipes
Dear Uma

You can create the two pipes separately by specifying their radius and height. Then you carry out "unite" operation to join them. You may also need to decompose the geometry if you need to mesh them with Hexahedarl blocks.

As colin said the Gambit tutorial has a detailed example how to generate such geometry. I believe that will give you a complete and detail step by step description of how to generate and mesh the geometry.

Hope this will help out.

uma May 28, 2003 13:14

Re: meshing pipes
Thanku so much!! Thanks a lot Colin,Alex and Solomon!! I will definitely go through the suggested material. Solomon can you tell me about how to decompose the geometry to get the hexahedral blocs, becase i tried doing that by creating a rectangular block and tried to split the larger tube with the rectangular block and then unite the surface developed with the small tube. But this did not work! I am not sure about the mistake I am doing there!! And Alex... I am not in China...I am in USA ;-) Once again thanks a whole lot!!If I have some problmes I will contact you back!

Best Regards, Uma

Alex Munoz May 29, 2003 00:41

Re: meshing pipes

OK, if you are in USA you can get the paper by yourself.

Best regards

Alex Munoz

Alamgir June 2, 2003 01:43

Re: meshing pipes

I'm here simplifying the case (decomposing). Just create two pipes and unite them and then create small pipe (same dimention) and place it same coordinate and the split the unite volume with the small pipe, that's it. U can then mesh the volumes with hexa or tetra scheme...

Another way to decompose.... just after uniting creat a cube and place it at the center of the juction and split the unite one with cube.. and then mesh the 4 volumes (pipes) with hexa and middle one with tetra..


uma June 4, 2003 18:12

Re: meshing pipes
Hello Alamgir, Thankyou so much! I will definitely do this way and thankyou so much for all the help! Best Regards, Uma

Alamgir June 5, 2003 21:16

Re: meshing pipes
Dear Uma,

Good morning! Here I'm for reminding you that don't forget to delete the unnecessary volumes and surfaces before meshing. Go surface creating submenu and select delete>all and apply.. If there is any unwanted surface will be deleted and do so on for line and points.

Good Luck


Ajay June 16, 2003 00:54

Re: meshing pipes
If you are using ICEM then I can tell you how to create Hexa mesh on intersecting pipes.

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