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emre June 2, 2003 15:11

Algebraic turb. model
Hi, Can anybody tell me how to activate zero eqn turbulence model in Fluent? Regards emre

wind_flow June 2, 2003 20:49

Re: Algebraic turb. model
i think the RSM contains the zero equ turbulence can see the chapter "10.2.3 Boussinesq Approach vs. Reynolds Stress Transport Models".perhaps it can be helpful.

emre June 3, 2003 05:53

Re: Algebraic turb. model
I was looking for the TUI command to activate it. I found it somewhere at Stanford's ME web site. define/model/viscous/mixing-length y activates the ATM. Regards

wind_flow June 3, 2003 06:24

Re: Algebraic turb. model
i can't find "define/model/viscous/mixing-length"option,where is it?

emre June 4, 2003 10:04

Re: Algebraic turb. model
you just type it one by one. you need to press enter to get command line and also after each command. regards emre

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