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Manan June 4, 2003 13:55

Fitting Velocity Profile.

My problem involves a 2D domain in which I calculate the velocity over the entire domain through analytical solution. My query: is it possible in Fluent to fit a velocity profile over the entire 2D domain and solve for temperature without solving for momentum.



Mcgregor June 6, 2003 07:15

Re: Fitting Velocity Profile.
Hi Manan,

You can initialise a problem for flow and energy, then switch off the energy equation in the /solve/control/solution menu. Converge for flow, then switch off the flow eqn and switch on for energy. This will allow you to see the energy distribution for you given flow field.

Are you doing a steady or transient simulation?


Manan June 6, 2003 17:55

Re: Fitting Velocity Profile.
Hi Mc

Thanks for the reply.Actually I am to model a rotating granular bed for which the momentum equation is complicated and I am not sure Fluent has any model to solve for such a system. Therefore I am trying to fit a velocity profile for the particles in the granular bed over the entire domain. This velocity profile is derived by considering experimental results and mass conservation. Therefore since I already know the velocity field in the entire domain .I do not want it to solve for velocity(flow field) and only solve for temperature. I am modeling a steady state system. Do advice me on the feasibility of such a method.


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